The Festival signals the farm work,good harvert & many traditions that come into play at this time of festivity. It was a colourful and joyous occasion of the Sankranthi Celebrations which originally heralded the farming season. The Chief guest  Smt.PURNIMA – The President  of the local Rotary Club ( AMALAPURAM ) was invited. The open ground was decorated with the Rangoli competitions,Ring game,One minute games, Guessing the points in the Sankranthi Picture were the attraction to  the Mother’s of the Students.The main Motto of this Celebration  was received well by the gathering.The Campus was decorated with marigold garlands and floral rangoli. The born fire also represented the Traditional Festival – The Bhogi. The Staff co-ordinated the event in a delightful manner and finally The Principal K.LAKSHMI DEVI supervised the entire Occasion and wished Good Fortune,happiness and longevity and  also Congratulated the Winners of  the Competitions.


KOLAM (32)                           DSCN0183 - Copy


DSCN0181                          DSCN0177


DSCN0176 - Copy                         DSCN0175


DSCN0169 - Copy                        DSCN0165


DSCN0163                        DSCN0162


DSCN0159 - Copy                          DSCN0156


DSCN0120                          DSCN0099


DSCN0128                        DSCN0104



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