Second Day Celebrations of Women’s Day at AGBS

On 7Th March 2017, two women Guest Entrepreneurs, Mrs. Krishna Kumari and Ms. L.N.Varalakshmi were invited as Guest Speakers on the Occasion of International Women’s day. Mrs KrishnaKumari has started her own cosmetology Institute since 22 Kakinada. She updates herself on various technologies and implements in her business. Ms. L.N.Varalakshmi is a trainer of Entrepreneurs as well as Women.She has trained more than 2000 women who have established their own businesses. She has experience of training members at Vijayawada,Kakinada , Rajahmundry and Vizag .She explained to the students how to start their ventures in Small scale and clarified their doubts .She is well trained in various skills like candle making, Textile designing, Preparation of Pickles ,Ready mix powders,Surf,Phenol Preparation and diverse activities .Started from a very humble beginning she started working since 4th class to support her family financially. She is a true example of Women Entrepreneur


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