Millions of trees are annually planted across India during the National Festival of Trees Planting (VanMahotsav) in India. Our  Adityans  successfully completed the Vanmahostav week by performing skits, planting saplings, experimented the significance of medicinal plants, spreading awareness about the importance of trees and the consequences of deforestration.*There is no life without trees *, *Each One –  Teach One – Plant One*, *Plant Trees Get Free Oxygen* the slogans today  and  they  expressed  their gratitude towards Mother Earth by taking oath of protecting trees . In the week long programme students of all classes took part actively in planting shrubs and herbs .Finally  the entire  programme  was concluded  by making formation of VANAM-MANAM .The Primary Principal Smt Lakshmi Devi said  that Trees give us free oxygen and we should be grateful to Mother Nature and it is the duty of every citizen to protect our Environment from Global Warming She also suggested that planting trees should not be a oneday activity – it is to be done every year on  everyone’s birthday.


                              day 1        20170707_161846


day04        20170707_085206


day0004         VANAM


Untitled-1 copy        day2


day02         day002


                     day0002           day4


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20170707_111729                20170707_112230   



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