71st Indenpendance Day has been celebrated in Aditya school, Srinagar, in a unique way. It started differently with the electrifying speeches of the students in the form of exchanging their views on the new trends in Indian economic policy and Make in India program.  The novelty continued with Maitri Bhajatham a benediction sung by the Aditya choir that spellbound the audience. The total patriotic fervor was pervaded every where in the campus with all these events. Chief guest Dr.Mallik Arjun (Depurty Civil Surgeon of A.P. Medical and Health Services) has hoisted the National flag and gave a message to the students not to misuse the technology and they should not addict to the cell phones. The Secretary of Aditya Educational Institutions Sri. N. Krishna Deepak Reddy advised the students to learn the qualities of dedication and patience from the lives of our great freedom fighters. Principal Smt.M.Ramani in her speech said that School is the best platform for every child to learn many things and to become an ideal citizen. The Vice Principal Smt.N.Sridevi Reddy said that everybody should learn a lesson from our freedom struggle that unity is strength. The program ended with the distribution of prizes to the Holiday task winners and their parents also honored  with an appreciation certificate and a small set of valuable books for their cooperation. The final phase  of this fabulous event concluded with the distribution of  chocolates to the students.


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