Ability …….Motivation…… Attitude …… Success

The Children of  Aditya drenched in the shower of knowledge, wisdom, confidence,  motivation and inspiration on 2nd December 2017. Dr.M.Satish a famous psychologist and motivational speaker shared his talk in the form of ‘success mantra’. He exposed the life skills and study skills which are related to the daily life. He stressed the usage of social media  and showed the comfortable path for studies. He depicted many live examples which bring success in their life. Children interacted with him and were clarified the doubts and got solution for their setbacks. The guide lines and counselling has been taken a lion share of the entire session.

Some of the students expressed their gratitude for making them a part in this live motivational task and thanked the management for the opportunity.

School principal Smt.B.Supraja Rani felt that the program of success mantra would fetch a new change in the students and their attitude. 


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