The Academic Co-ordinator of Aditya Group of Degree & P.G.Colleges Sri B.E.V.L Naidu said that a science exhibition titled SCI-LAND 2K18 had been conducted in the premises of Aditya Degree College, Kakinada. The main objective of the grand and gorgeous organization of the SCI-LAND 2K18 was to encourage the students to be conscious of the latest technological advancements and inventions. The students of Degree & P.G. formed themselves into groups and displayed in the exhibition several technological features coupled with their thoughts and technology. 40 exhibits belonging to the departments of physics, chemistry, electronics and life sciences were displayed in the exhibition and their applications were also explained at length. The Two town Circle Inspector Md.Ummar who attended as the Chief Guest inaugurated the SCI-LAND 2K18 science exhibition. Speaking on the occasion Mr.Ummar said that India was the treasure of knowledge and wished many important inventions in physics and chemistry to take place to conduce to the society. He congratulated the students and the faculty members who played a major role in developing and displaying 40 exhibits on different topics. Speaking on the occasion, the Academic Co-ordinator of Aditya Group of Degree & P.G.Colleges Sri B.E.V.L Naidu said that the experimental learning of technology must complement the theoretical knowledge acquired from text books. He also said that Aditya Degree College, Kakinada was furnished with ultra modern laboratories and these kinds of exhibitions would prove to be highly beneficial for the students to transform themselves into researchers. He said that it was imperative for the students to develop technological temperament in order to make several scientific and technological inventions to ensure the progress and development of the country. He also said that the exhibits prepared by the students were less expensive and were useful to the society.  Preparation of toothpaste and tooth powder, identification of food contamination through chemical analysis, a car to avert from accidents, steam generator, air conditioner and the development of mushrooms were the cynosures in this exhibition.

The Chairman of Aditya Educational Institutions Sri.N.Sesha Reddy, Secretary Sri N.K.Deepak Reddy congratulated the faculty members of Science departments, Lab coordinators and students for their active involvement in this exhibition. The Vice-Principal of Aditya Degree College, Sri. Ch.V.V.Satyanarayana, Incharge, Sri.N.Murthy, HOD’s of  the departments of physics, chemistry, electronics and life sciences, the faculty members of all the science departments and students were present on the occasion.

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