Prepare yourself for the challenges a head: Shri BEVL Naidu

Prepare yourself for the challenges a head: Shri BEVL Naidu

             The NSS student volunteers of Aditya Degree College were addressed by the Academic Coordinator of Aditya Degree and PG Colleges, Shri BEVL Naidu. In his opening remarks he said that today the Education system is providing every thing to the student right from the information regarding any subject to the methodology of how to study and how to get good marks and how to manage every work in life. So, every one should make use of these facilities and should see that they achieve big with their lives. He said that high quality education is being provided at Aditya Degree College and every student should make full use of the same.

The Vice Principal of the Aditya Degree College Dr. A. Maniprakash spoke to the gathering on this occasion. He said that there are many inspirational examples in our country, taking these examples; every student should live a vibrant life. He gave a detailed account of people and situations which build the world. He also showed different examples who are not rich yet determined to taste the success. He asked every student to make their lives lively by simply following all the great personalities’ lives. He appreciated the NSS student volunteers who could able to involve themselves in various service activities. He also gave a call to the students not to get depressed with the news that some one close is passed away, but take an inspiration out of their life and do well with this life. He strongly opined that ‘depression’ should not distract the students from their goals in life.

The Secretary of Aditya Educational Institutions Shri NK Deepak Reddy and Director of Aditya Educational Institutions, Smt. N. Suguna Reddy wished ‘best of luck’ to the students and said that preparation is major part of the examinations and opined that this period should be considered as very important in their lives.

The NSS programme officers Shri T. Tejeswara Rao, Shri Divakara Rao and other faculty members were present at the meeting.

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