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   Go Green – Save Green has been the motto of our students.
Vanamahotsavam Celebrations were observed in our campus with planting of saplings, awareness programme, new gardening methods like Coconut gardening , Bottle gardening, Tyre Gardening, and so on. Songs, Thematic Skits and Informative Interviews highlighted the importance of plantation, afforestation and Conservation of existing trees and forests.
         Plantation of saplings were taken up everyday with Fruit, Flower Plants, Medicinal and shade giving plants. Dance Performance, Mime Show “ Na Kaato Mujhe” mesmerised everyone. Herbs and their medicinal Values were well Presented. The skit ‘Pain of tree’ depicted the sorrow deforestation and greed of man.

The Slogans like “ Protect the tree-Save the Planet”, “ Protect the scenery – preserve the greenery”,పచ్చని చెట్లు – ప్రగతికి మెట్లు”, “వృక్షో రక్షతి రక్షితః “, were raised by the students. Saplings were distributed.
                The Principal Smt. Jaya Lakshmi and the Vice Principal Smt. Vijaya Gowri planted the saplings in the campus. They lauded and appreciated the efforts and talents exhibited by the students. The Principal advised the students to    “ Plant a tree and make the earth pollution free”.
                             “ Join Hands – Save Trees” Happy Vanamahotsavam

DAY -1

DAY -2

DAY – 3


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