An awareness program has been organized in Aditya Degree College under the collective association of the National NSS teams of Aditya Degree College, Department of Youth Services and Dr.D.V.Raju, Multi Organ Foundation. Academic Coordinator of Aditya Degree & P.G.Courses, Dr.B.E.V.L Naidu stated that this program is meant to create awareness among all the classes of community on Organ Donation. Sri.P.Subrahmanyam, Chairman, Dr.D.V.Raju, Multi Organ Foundation; B.Balakrishna, Chairman, Badam Balakrishna Eye Bank and a famous Social Reformer; B.Vijayabhaskar, CEO, Department of Youth Services; Coordinator of Nehru Yuva Kendra, G.Maheshwararao; K.Sivakumar, Secretary, Red Cross participated in the program. Speaking on, Academic Coordinator Dr.B.E.V.L Naidu stated that donating the Organs relies the life of an individual even after the death. He also stated that people these days are enough educated regarding the donation of Blood and Eyes. So this is an effort to educate the people on donating the other organs too. In this context he appreciated the worthy services of Dr. D.V.Raju, Multi Organ Foundation. P.Subrahmanyam stated that creating an awareness in the community is only possible by the NSS and gave a call to the students to lead ahead. Dr.B.Balakrishna stated that one who trusts God will never destroy the nature and if the nature is pure the Organs of the body will also remain pure. He appreciated the NSS teams of Aditya for being ahead in taking up all the necessary activities to save the nature and the human kind. B.Vijayabhaskar stated that Service to Mankind is Service to God and he gave a call to the students to be ever ready to help the fellow beings. G.Maheshwararao, stated that people are still in a dilemma on donating their organs. He clearly explained that citizens have to avoid mythological considerations. K.Sivakumar, stated that all the citizens have to be very strong both physically and mentally which constitutes a healthy living. In addition he also stated that people have to realize the necessity of Organ Donation for living an everlasting life. Later, Dr. B.Balakrishna preceded the oath of the Organ Donation by the participants.

Dr.N.Sesha Reddy, Chairman, Aditya Educational Institutions, Sri.N.Krishna Deepak Reddy, Secretary, appreciated the NSS teams for organizing the event. Sri.Ch.V.V.Satyanarayana, Vice-Principal, NSS program Officers Sri.T.Tejeswararao and L.Diwakararao; Manager, SETRAJ, Kasi Visweswararao, Smt.Swathi, Coordinator, Dr. D.V.Raju, Multi Organ Foundation and Transplantation and the NSS students participated.

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