Students of Aditya took out an awareness Rally today about celebrating Ganesh Festival in an environment friendly way. The  rally began from Jagannaickpur Bridge passed through Cinema road, main road, temple street and Jkpur main road. Students raised slogans explaining the ill effects of using idols made from plaster of paris and its danger to the water resources. Children were seen saying slogans rhythmically along the rally by displaying placards and colourful posters. The posters carried out message like use plain clay Ganesha idols, avoid plaster of paris and save environment, devotion is important not decoration etc. The students interacted with the shop keepers , housewives, businessmen, police and many more VIPs in the town and distributed clay Ganesha idols and explained the significance of using clay idols in connection with eco – Ganesha. Some of the exuberant public  joined and co operated with us. They promised our Adityans that they would send the message of Eco environmental Ganesha to their friends, near and near.

          On this occasion Principal Smt.B.Supraja Rani reflected that it’s the high time everyone took a role in this friendly  campaign and save the globe and blue and advocated the use of natural clay for making idols as they would easily dissolve. She awakened the students ‘Clay Ganesha brings gain by not causing environment pain. She advised not to immerse idols in well, lakes or rivers because it affects the underground drinking water. Instead immerse idols in either tank or at designated places and be a part of eco friendly charthurthi .






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