Nutrition plays a key role in a child’s growth, development and his academic performance. Without proper nutrition a child cannot flourish. With this key idea World Food Day was organised at Aditya School, Narasapuram on 21.10.2019 (No Bag day).

Several kinds of fruits, vegetables along with other nutritive foods like dry fruits and sprouts were exhibited and their importance was explained to all the students from LKG to Class X. Unhealthy foods also made their place among the exhibits so as to make the children aware of their ill effects.

Principal Mr.A.N.S.S.K.Prasad elucidated the significance of eating raw vegetables, fruits and other nutritive foods and directed children to have them on a daily basis to grow and foster well.

All the children were served scrumptious salad having several kinds of grated vegetables mixed with a pinch of salt, pepper and fathomless love before lunch.

Children of Kindergarten played the roles of fruits and described their nutritive values.

In the afternoon, they were served yummy fruit salad topped with honey and dry fruits, of course love too.

While serving the salads they were explained the method of preparation along with ingredients used to make them tasty. They were advised to drop off unhealthy foods and make an habit of eating fruits and vegetables.

Children enjoyed a lot.


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