IX and X Class Students of Aditya School, Narasapuram were enchanted to interact with Dr.G.Krishna Prasad, Post Doctoral Fellow at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Ishikawa, Japan.

Dr.Krishna Prasad currently carrying out his work on Biosensors and Lithium ion batteries was with the students to share his views on analytical thinking and obstacle management.

While addressing the students he ascertained that thinking in a way different than others is the central dogma of success apart from hardwork and determination.

Later he expeditiously answered the fervent questions of the students.

Academic Coordinator Mr.D.Srinivas Rao in his address to the students, advised them to have deep insights on ones own thought process so that they can develop quintessential qualities that will ultimately transform them into wonderful individuals.

Principal Mr.A.N.S.S.K.Prasad felicitated the guest and thanked him alot for travelling all the way from Bangalore to interact with the students.


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