Sambarala Sankranthi@apsamp

January augments the Spirit of Festivity with the Harvest Festival Sankranthi. It is an Ecstatic Celebrations with people of all ages Revelling in the Jamboree. Aditya Abode reflected the Traditional Ambience with Rangoli, Gobbillu, Bhogipallu, Prabhalu, Bhogimantalu, Kites, Thatched hut, decorated Bullock Cart and so on. The Programme was Spiced up by Gemini T.V Game Show ” Sye Ata” where the audience participated with Gusto.
The Customary Pongal was relished. The Bonhomie of bonfire Bhogimantalu lit up the moods. Girls in their traditional attire danced around the Gobbillu. Haridasu and Prabhalu Allured the audience. The Parents had a Rollicking Time with the Games and Competitions like ‘ Mathruthvapu Madhurimalu’ 1 Minute games and Food court.The Vibrant rangoli designs Enriched the Campus.
The Gemini T.V conducted Amusing games which Enthused the audience. The Celebrations were Grandiose with Spectators taken into Nostalgic Reminiscences of the past and displayed Resplendent atmosphere.
The Principals of Junior College, Degree College and Schools gave away the prizes to the winners and said that Festivals Rejuvenate our Customs and Traditions which bring Harmony in Diversity.

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