Sankranthi Celebrations@Apsgmd

We at Aditya School G.Mamidada celebrated Sankranti in a grand scale. Our school campus was gaily decorated to celebrate Makara Sankranthi. Parents were invited for this grand celebration and they surprised us in a great number. The entire premises turned into a festive mood with different kinds of decorations, flowers and garlands. The day we began with parents along with teachers and students gather round and danced singing Gobbiallo in chorus. Bonfire is lit by the Children and parents and discard the wood and dung cakes to mark a new beginning. Following this Regipallu were showered on LKG and UKG children for their health and prosperity. On this special occasion Principal Sir V.Rajesh said that children must know the importance of our religious festivals and should respect its customs and traditions. Later on, all the lady parents actively participated in Rangoli, cooking competition, Mehandi and one Minute Games. Gent parents mesmerized participating in Kite Soaring, Kabaddi, Slow cycling, and fun-oriented games.

Children got excited to see their parent’s performance and involved themselves in swinging, playing games and Kite flying. Finally, all the winners were given prizes for their active participation by the Principal.

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