As a part of field trip Aditya School, Narsapur students were sent to different places in the local community to enrich the students knowledge and understanding capacity of subject. L.K.G & U.K.G tiny tots visited places of worship like Temple, Church and Mosque. I & II class students visited Fruit Market, Vegetable Market, Fish Market, Grocery Market and Post Office. VI & VII class students visited Garment Factory and Municipal Corporation. The Authority of garment factory explained and gave a very good information about the working process of factory. Students could understand the mechanism of garment processing, drying, craft & lace attachment, cutting, sewing packing and marketing them in local areas and exporting to the other countries also.

          In Municipal Corporation, students visited different departments like accounts, Administration, Public Health, Sanitation, Revenue etc., Commissioner Mr.P.Vijaya Kumar enlightened the functions & Co-ordination of above mentioned departments.

          Through these visits all our students got general awareness regarding their Neighborhood places.

          The Director Sri.S.V.Raghava Reddy interacted with the students and appreciated Principal Smt.B.Supraja

Rani and her personnel for arranging such sort of Educational tours.

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