Christmas and New Year Celebrations@ampschool

Christmas ’13 was celebrated with exuberance at Aditya (EM) High School Amalapuram. The Christmas concert was truly electrifying. Children sang the great traditional carols and popular Christmas numbers in their inimitable style. The hight point was undoubtedly starlight with a truly dramatic production. Children were able to put the audience into time travel mode and transport them to Roman empire as they were during the period of Jesus birth the humble shepherds, the learned Wiseman, the angles were all brought to vibrant life through accomplished acting.

With the support of Adityans, the students transformed the vast open assembly in a magic carpet that experienced the new years celebrations too. It was quite a meaningful experience to see the striking gone by year’s gist the povery, oppression, violence etc. The scale of the production was truly impressive when a highly positive hopes were staged for the fore coming New Year. The programme was concluded with the words of the principal Mrs. Jayalakshmi, who stated that the programme was truly enchanting and created a truly memorable mood as the day wore on. She also said that it was a greeted way to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

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